Our Heritage

Beau Rivage Plantation: The Original Dream

As coastal regions grew more congested and ecologically strained in the late 1980’s, the search for the ideal lifestyle became altogether more difficult. With that in mind, the original developers of Beau Rivage Plantation located land consisting of rolling dunes, wooded hills and Cape Fear river frontage, affording an ideal site for secluded golf escapes.

This getaway would feature all of the recreational and social amenities you would expect to find in a first-class golf club--- dining, entertainment, swimming, tennis, spa and best of all, award-winning championship golf. Built to preserve the natural beauty that existed long before anyone arrived to cultivate the area, B.R.P. was to become a crown jewel of the Carolina coast.


Diamond In The Rough: New Management

Beau Rivage owner Charlie Walker was working at the course as a ranger when the facility went up for sale in the summer of 2006. Seeing the promise of Beau, the same potential that inspired the original dream, the Walker family made sacrifices necessary to purchase the one-stop shop for golf and events, and they haven’t looked back since.

“When I see something that is broken, I want to fix it. I always dreamed of retiring from the fire department and building a driving range from scratch somewhere in a sunny section of the country. Nothing extravagant, just a little shack surrounded by green grass. Well I ultimately got the driving range, one nicer than I ever expected, but it came with a practice putting green and chipping green, swimming pool, tennis courts, clubhouse, restaurant, banquet facility, hotel rooms and an 18-hole golf course.”


New Generations of Golf: Present Day

After twenty seven years, Beau Rivage continues to offer the great escape as a family-owned and operated facility. Our award-winning layout is a favorite among Wilmington locals as well as those traveling to the area and packages return for their group golf outings year after year. We offer a multigenerational venue for golf, dining, entertainment and other social and recreational activities. At the end of the day, what matters most is exceeding expectations. Our mission is to provide each and every visitor with an exceptional experience through caring, personalized service and old-fashioned hospitality. At Beau Rivage Golf & Resort, we strive to make everyone feel at home, no matter how far away home may be.

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